Cutting Edge.

Our Staff is constantly thinking of new ways to bring brew to you. How can we develop a new beer? How can we better experience? Where do we need to be? What ingredients should we use?


At IBU, Quality is the lesson. Whether its cleaning the tap lines, finding the freshest ingredients or ensuring your event is fun & engaging, Quality is our number one concern.


Beer is our life. It’s not just a job or a way to pay our bills we live and breathe beer. We are not just home brewers, but industry experts who are sharing the gospel of Good Beer.


Our people are dedicated, talented and a little nuts who love everything beer.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction. Product Quality. Employee Respect. Community. Have Fun.

Our Approach

Consumers win when companies compete. We help others to make better beer for all.

Our Mission

Quality is the lesson. Our goal is to make the best damn beer possible while educating folks on why beer is the best.
Committed to Working with A Team who love Making Beer that Delights


We are proud of the fact that our brewers are experts in the craft brewing industry!

Service Excellence

The team is committed to making your experience an event to remember. Every time.
Magic Mike

Mike Mintier began brewing in 2002 under the guidance of Saul Kleinberg, owner of the new Griffin Hill Farm Brewery, in Onondaga, New York. He instantly fell in love with the art of the brewing and brewed constantly, while he wasn’t working his day job, as an engineer.

He began to seek out information about how to improve his process as a home brewer, as his training had drilled into him. He could only find books available to him, mostly dull and dry. He longed for classes which would teach him a using hands-on approach. This is where the idea for IBU Brewing was born.

Mike wanted to offer home brewers the opportunity to learn about the process of home brewing with other people in a hands-on atmosphere, from experts in each discipline. He wanted to introduce people to the art of home brewing without the commitment to purchase the equipment first.

His wife, Lauren, encouraged him to open the brewery after years of dreaming. Mike apprenticed on the Gordon Biersch system to learn professional brewing and built a lasting friendship with many brewers and other people in the industry.

Our Brewnicorn

The Legend of the Brewnicorn

You may believe that you, a craft beer LOVER, thinks highly of a well made, diverse beer. Then, you’d meet Petro and realize you are merely “acquaintances” with craft beer, in comparison. Not that it’s a competition. But you’d lose. Sorry. Our ever ready, ever thinking Brewnicorn is responsible for not only brewing but developing the richest flavors, freshest ingredients and latest trends in the Craft Beer Industry.